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Here is a small story about me and my business, All of the products that I create are hand made one of a kind art pieces, 

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I am an American artist and painter who works to increase the diffusion of Art through my practices of becoming a better artist. Born and raised in Oakland, California.  U.S. veteran who served in the military, I came to Germany in 1982 during my military tour and decided to reside here. I am a father with two beautiful daughters who are also of German culture. I have an Art Facebook Page and Instagram account in which all of my art is now displayed, and soon other networks will follow like Twitter and YouTube.

Since 1983 I started with the airbrush, but drawing and painting since I was a child. This is my passion, I do not imagine investing my time and effort in anything else that is not related to art, for this reason, I started to show my works and share them with everyone, which initially took time to produce and document all my procedures, my art has become serious as I strive to become a better artist, and more fundamental as time goes on.

Each art piece takes hours or more, which means long days of painting and testing, different techniques, and other activities to create a high quality work. The results are amazing and even more so when sharing my art with people from different places of the world, I note the good reception and also the motivation that generates in the lovers of art.

I desire to continue to create more beautiful artworks, and later provide videos on social media networks to show how I create my work. As I continue to learn new artistic styles to further my art skills.

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